Your Path to College Is Quicker and Easier with Wendy Segal Tutoring by Your Side


Selecting and gaining acceptance to the colleges of your child’s dreams can be confusing and overwhelming. Wendy Segal Tutoring helps parents and students with the process from start to move-in day, helping families to make the best decisions based on their unique requirements.

Her clients all come to her for help on the SAT and ACT exams, but soon realize that the bonus benefit is the overall higher-education guidance at which she excels.

In nearly three decades of tutoring, she has accumulated a vast wealth of knowledge based on her studious, constant research, as well as on the cumulative experience of working with hundreds of students from diverse backgrounds and academic histories.

Wendy takes a personal interest in each student’s potential to score as high as possible on college admissions exams, a big step forward on the path to college.

Wendy Segal Tutoring stays involved in your post-high school journey as long as you want. She frequently enjoys hearing from and guiding her former students through their college years and beyond.

The college application essay frustrates many applicants. Wendy Segal has an impressive track record of suggesting topics, then evaluating, improving, and editing college essays. Her hand-on approach strengthens writing skills, which serve her students well years later in their professional careers.

She also is a whiz at developing a list of target colleges to focus on and will carefully explain her reasoning for pointing the student toward certain schools.

In other words, at Wendy Segal Tutoring, nothing is left to chance. While she doesn’t believe in blanket guarantees, think of her as an insurance policy that increases your student’s chances of acceptance.

Wendy Segal has yet to meet the student she cannot help become a more proficient test-taker and a better, more confident student.

For your guidance and convenience, Wendy Segal Tutoring has prepared a comprehensive timeline of college-planning tasks, geared to the school calendar. Click here to view it.