Hire Wendy Segal to Improve Your Student’s Grades in Select High School Subjects


In addition to teaching test preparation for the SAT and the ACT, Wendy Segal Tutoring tutors high school students in selected academic subjects, listed below.

She believes every student has academic strengths and works diligently to heighten those even as she improves less proficient areas of study.

A core part of her process is getting to know the personality and interests of her students, which allows her to understand their learning style.


As a licensed English teacher, Wendy has helped high school students with all aspects of language, from how to organize and write a research paper, to analyzing fiction, to how to write in a way that will impress an English teacher.  Many parents find summertime an excellent opportunity to have Wendy work with their student to improve reading and writing skills for a lifetime.


Whether your student needs help with Global Studies, U.S. History, U.S. Government, or Economics, whether the concern is content or the DBQ (document-based question) essay, Wendy can help.  As a licensed Social Studies teacher, Wendy helps students learn the skills and foundation necessary to achieve mastery and independence.


Learning a foreign language can be challenging for many students, yet most colleges expect 2-4 years of foreign language study in high school, regardless of a student’s intended college major. On every level from initial proficiency to college-level reading, writing, and conversation, Wendy has prepared students for success in Spanish tests and fluency.


Some students find high school a challenge, juggling five or six (or more) classes with five or six assignments nightly. Assignment sheets get lost. Books are left at home or at school. A student’s motivation and grades can suffer. Wendy has extensive experience working with students who have ADD/ADHD and other executive functioning and organizational issues. She’ll get your student back on track with proven techniques for managing the complexities of high school.

Wendy does not tutor all subjects, but endorses the services of other top Westchester tutors. One such tutor is Daniel Starling at whose expertise includes AP Calculus as well as AP Physics and AP Chemistry.